Shawn Cheatham

Globetrotter. Technologist. Triathlete.

Balancing Control

A couple of years ago, I took my nephew to see his first Major League Baseball game. The Yankees were playing the Orioles in the Bronx. We sat in section 419, the nosebleed section just behind home plate. Something about that game, in the heat of the summer, surfaced memories of playing ball as a kid and triggered an 18-month binge…GO DODGERS! I’ve never really been into watching sports, especially baseball, I’d much rather play. So when the Dodgers went to the 2017 World Series, I was pretty excited! Except for maybe the Chicago Bulls in the 90’s, I’ve never had a favorite team make it to the championships. Unfortunately, the Dodgers were steamrolled by the Astros and a strange sadness swept over me, so much so that it took several days to get it out of my mind. In the weeks following the game, I wondered why or rather how their loss could affect me so deeply. Somewhere along the way, I realized my mistake was that I had allowed myself to commit an extraordinary amount of time, energy and mental space to an outcome that I had absolutely no control over. In retrospect, it’s rather obvious but at the moment it was an uncomfortable lesson.

Don’t invest in things you can’t control
— Note to Self

When the 2018 MLB season kicked off, I decided to reign in my commitment to baseball. I continued to cheer for the Dodgers, attended a few games and casually keep up with the league but I’ve avoided getting too wrapped up. And wouldn’t you know it, the Dodgers won the National League again and are heading to the World Series…all without my help :)